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Dedicated Servers

Go Dedicated & Get The Whole Box To Your Self..

Reliability, Performance & Security

  • Complete Control
  • Dedicated Resource, No Restrictions
  • More Power, Flexibility

New CPUs, More RAM, Bigger Drives, Managed or UnManaged

Single Processor Multi-Core Series:

Server Plan CPU Cores Memory Default Drive(s) Bandwidth Fully Managed Monthly
Basic AMD Athlon Athlon II X2 260 Regor
Cores: 2x3.5GHz
3GB 1x500 GB SATA (SSD avl) 5TB Available $49.95
Basic Plus AMD Athlon Athlon II X2 260 Regor
Cores: 2x3.5GHz
4GB 1x500 GB SATA (SSD avl) 5TB Available $64.95
Standard Intel Xeon X3220
Cores: 4x2.4GHz
8GB DDR3 1x500 GB SATA (SSD avl) 30TB Available $99.95
Power Intel E3-1230 V2
Cores: 4x3.3GHz +HT
16GB DDR3 1X500 GB SATA (SSD avl.) 30TB Available $139.95

Dual Processor, Quad, Hexa & Octa-Core Series:

Server Plan CPU Cores Memory Default Drive(s) Bandwidth Fully Managed Monthly
Professional Dual Intel Xeon E5530
Core: 8x2.4GHz +HT
32GB DDR3 2x1TB SATA (SSD avl.) 100TB Available $169.95
Managed Professional Dual Intel Xeon E5530
Core: 8x2.4GHz +HT
32GB DDR3 2x1TB HDD SATA 100TB Yes $325.95
Enterprise Dual-Quad Dual Intel E5-2407
Cores: 8x2.2GHz
32GB DDR3 2x1TB SATA RAID (SSD avl.) 100TB Available $325.95
Enterprise Dual-Hexa Dual Hexa-Core Intel E5-2640
Cores: 12x2.5GHz +HT
32GB DDR3 2x 300GB SAS RAID 100TB Available $479.95
Enterprise Dual-Octa Dual Octa-Core Intel E5-2690
Cores: 16x2.9GHz +HT
64GB DDR3 2x 600GB SAS RAID 100TB Available $649.95

The Best Features At The Best Price!

Fully Customizable

We offer a variety of configurable options to provide you with a dedicated server solution that exactly fits your needs. Here are some of our available upgrade options:

  • Solid State Drives (SSD) and 15k SAS Drives
  • RAID Supported
  • 1 Gigabit Port
  • Fully Managed Services
  • Dedicated Firewall
  • and more

See all available upgrade options on the order form.

Dedicated Server Revolution

With a dedicated server from Vermont Web Works, you get complete control over your server without the cost and maintenance required from traditional server ownership. You choose the RAM, hard drive size, operating system, software and just about anything that comes to mind.

Deploy complex applications, streaming media, high-end e-mail solutions, or just host multiple sites on one machine. Whatever your needs, all our solutions are provided on a world-class network connection, and include 24x7 monitoring of the server and network availability. Our unmanaged dedicated servers provide the you with full remote server administration capability and freedom.

The Benefits:

    • 2 Hour average Provisioning Time
    • Free Setup Assist Service
    • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    • Full Root Access
    • 24/7 Hardware Replacement
    • 24/7/365 Customer Support
    • and more!

At Vermont Web Works, we are committed to providing the best speed, reliability, and value in the dedicated server business. This means constant innovation to deliver the highest performing network and customer control. Whether you are using your server for web development, tinkering, email, photos, gaming, reselling, or all of the above and more, we strive to deliver a world-class product.

Our network uptime is the best in the business. Our relentless focus on value helps us deliver competitive prices every day. And we provide responsive and experienced 24/7 customer support via e-mail and our ticketing system.


See all available upgrade options on the order form.

Make your server a Smart Server

Get the best of both worlds for no additional charge

 Our Smart Server Layer introduces the combination of a bare metal physically-hosted server with today's leading virtualization technology. Smart Servers are a new breed of dedicated server that offers the best of two worlds: the power of dedicated servers and flexibility of cloud computing. The best thing about our Smart Servers, you get all these additional features and benefits for no additional charge.

Add the Smart Server Layer for free during the order process.

What is a Smart Server

Our product development team at Vermont Web Works has many years of experience in building dedicated servers. We understand the needs of our customers in today's hosting world so we have introduced this innovative Smart Server solution. Our Smart Server technology gives you an extra layer between your underlying dedicated hardware and your operating system.

"This hypervisor layer brings you all the benefits of cloud computing while running on single-tenant hardware that is only dedicated to your server tasks. Through our Smart Server Control Panel you will have access to the hypervisor and can remote manage and monitor your server."

The control panel will allow you to reboot and reimage your server, install a custom OS and boot from CD as well as check your bandwidth usage and more. And the best thing about it, this Smart Server addon is completely free of charge.

Breaking Down The Barriers Of Traditional IT Infrastructure





Smart Server Hypervisor Benefits:

  • Access to our Smart Server Control Panel
  • Reboot and Reimage your system remotely
  • Install your own Operating System and Boot from CD
  • Statistical logging for Bandwidth and CPU usage
  • Setup Monitoring and Alerting for your server, website and more
  • Experience convenient system Up/Downgrades without any manual data migration
  • Access to your server via Remote Management Tools (SSH for Linux, RDP for Windows)
  • Direct access to the server’s console via our embedded VNC Applet
  • Completely Free of charge



Full Control

With Full Root access on all Dedicated and Private Cloud servers, you have the control to create your dreams.


We focus on offering you the right hardware, service, and support, at a cost that makes sense for you.


Our enterprise-level network, support, and hardware grow with you, no matter how large you become.


One IP address is provided with each dedicated server. Additional IP addresses can be purchased upon request. [Note: Justification for these IP addresses must be in compliance with ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) guidelines.]
You may perform system administration through SSH access on Linux servers or RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) for Microsoft servers.
Your server is set up with either a standard dedicated 1000Mbps or 100Mbps public/private switch port. The service description indicates the port speed at which your server is connected to its network switch port, and upgrades from 100Mbps to 1000Mbps are available where applicable.

Considering a hosting solution for your enterprise?

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